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Jan 22 La Cigale, PARIS, France
Jan 23 Ancienne Belgique, BRUSSELS, Belgium
Jan 24 Handelsbeurs, GENT, Belgium
Jan 26 Oosterport, GRONINGEN, Netherlands
Jan 27 Arenburg, ANTWERP, Belgium
Jan 28 Cultureel Centrum, HASSELT, Belgium
Jan 30 De Warande, TURNHOUT, Belgium
Jan 31 De Spil, ROESELARE, Belgium
Feb 1 013, TILBURG, Netherlands
Feb 3 Folken, STAVANGER, Norway
Feb 4 Logen, BERGEN, Norway
Feb 5 Ibenhuset, SKIEN, Norway
Feb 7 Kulturhuset, TROMS
Feb 8 Royal Garden, TRONDHEIM, Norway
Feb 9 Södra Teatern, STOCKHOLM, Sweden
Feb 10 Södra Teatern, STOCKHOLM, Sweden
Feb 12 Baltoppen, KØBENHAVN, Denmark
Mar 15 Santa Chiara, TRENTO, Italy
Mar 16 Jux Tap, SARZANA, Italy
Mar 18 Saschall, FLORENCE, Italy
Mar 19 Corallo, SCANDIANO, Italy
Mar 20 Sportshall, CHIARI, Italy
Mar 22 Parco Della, ROME, Italy
April 4 Bloomsbury Theatre, LONDON, England
April 5 Bloomsbury Theatre, LONDON, England
June 6 Summer Storm, BONN, Germany
June 19 Universal Hall, FINDHORN, Scotland
June 20 Universal Hall, FINDHORN, Scotland
June 21 Universal Hall, FINDHORN, Scotland
August 28 INEC, KILLARNEY, Ireland
Sept 28 Circus, STOCKHOLM, Sweden
Sept 30 EINDHOVEN Music Centre, Netherlands
Oct 2 NIJMEGEN Concertgebouw, Netherlands
Oct 3 Luxor Theatre, ROTTERDAM, Netherlands
Oct 4 UTRECHT Music Centre, Netherlands
Oct 5 Chasse Theatre, BREDA, Netherlands
Oct 7 ENSCHEDE Music Theatre, Netherlands
Oct 8 Meervaart, AMSTERDAM, Netherlands
Oct 9 Oosterport, GRONINGEN, Netherlands
Oct 11 Assembly Hall Theatre, TUNBRIDGE WELLS, England
Oct 12 Marlowe Theatre, CANTERBURY, England
Oct 14 Olympia Theatre, DUBLIN, Ireland
Oct 15 Olympia Theatre, DUBLIN, Ireland
Oct 16 Theatre Royal, CASTLEBAR, Ireland
Oct 18 Derngate, NORTHAMPTON, England
Oct 21 Hexagon, READING, England
Oct 22 Cabot Hall, CANARY WHARF, England
Oct 24 Civic Hall, WOLVERHAMPTON, England
Oct 26 LIVERPOOL Philharmonic, England
Oct 28 Bridgewater Hall, MANCHESTER, England
Oct 29 Magnum Centre, IRVINE, Scotland
Oct 30 Picturedome, HOLMFIRTH, England
Oct 31 Queen's Hall, EDINBURGH, Scotland
Nov 18 WEXFORD Opera House, Ireland
Nov 20 Dean Crowe, ATHLONE, Ireland
Nov 21 Hawkswell, SLIGO, Ireland
Nov 22 Town Hall, GALWAY, Ireland
Nov 23 Town Hall, GALWAY, Ireland
Nov 25 Everyman Palace, CORK, Ireland
Nov 26 Glor Theatre, ENNIS, Ireland
Nov 27 Dean Crowe, ATHLONE, Ireland
Nov 28 WATERFORD Forum, Ireland