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10th October 2008
My Love For Her Is Fire / A poem
by Mike Scott

Someone asked for a love poem. Here's one:


my love for her is fire
ignited by the hot coals of her eyes

my love for her is pure
inspired by the flow and dance of her elegant hands

my love for her is raw
sparked by the way she sashays down long corridors
chin high, skirt swaying, cardigan loose, beads flashing

my love for her sends me down strange hallways
through unfamiliar doorways
at odd times and all times
it has become the master of my footsteps

and my will: surrendered
and my routine: shattered
and my heart: ablaze

today in auburn, gold and yellow
she is burnished, beautiful, in her power
and in her presence
I am transfixed and gangling

she has no idea
seeing only a fool, not a suitor
my love for her is keen
an impossibly sharp arrow, a contained focused storm
an infinitely directed beam of pinpoint intensity
ready to find its mark

©2008 Mike Scott